Maintenance update...

So the maintenance extra indicated that an update was available today, any clues as to what’s changed?

Not much - just a minor change that should help with memory management.

So where did the show/hide options for standard AppleTV menus go?


It’s been dropped for now as it’s not currently supported in the new 4.3 version.

Thanks for the reply.


Any idea when this will be back, I hid some menus I dont use often to make it mrs proof, after update I cant get them back! short of a factory reset any idea?

^ ditto to above. Or can we downgrade to the old Maintenance make the changes and upgrade.

Unfortuantely there’s no way to downgrade, but you can restore the menus manually.

  1. Connect via SFTP (
  2. Locate the /Applications/ (Disabled) folder.
  3. Drag .frappliance folders from that folder into the normal Appliances folder.
  4. Restart Lowtide through the Maintenance --> Settings menu.

Fantastic, thanks for the heads up.

So would that be the revers if we wanted to hide them?

Yes, as long as you’re not running the latest 4.3 software.

Ahh, running 4.3. Oh well

When I hid these I didnt know about overflow… but IMO its a superior option to outright hiding. The menu items are tucked inside the Overflow Menu, so they are accessible, but out of the way.


But yes, it seems to work popping the other appliances into that disabled folder. Restart lowtide after moving them. (edit: right… unless you are running 4.3)