Maintenance->Settings in v1.0 missing Disable Apple Updates

Ok, I’m not sure if this is a bug or functionality in version 1.0 has changed, but after updating from the Release candidates to version 1.0 of ATV Flash Black, the setting to disable apple updates is missing from the Maintenance->Settings menu.

Is the new version 1.0 suppressing apple updates automatically or should this option still be present?  I don’t really want my ATV2 suddenly applying a new apple update.



Yes. Auto-updates are disabled by default in versions 1.0 and later.

it seems that in NitoTV this setting also has vanished. if i remember correctly it was there before some days, but i did a manual “update all” and so it might be changed with a newer version…

How can we check that? Can they be turned back on? Odd thing to remove.



I think that when it was an option too many people were trying to apply the updates. Since doing so on a Jilbroken system will always fail and leave the system unresponsive and needing to repeat the jailbrake process disabling the option to update on the ATV2 makes sense.

Is there a way of checking that auto-updates are in fact disabled?

I still don’t get the rational. You either disable auto-updates or you enable them. Not that hard to figure out.



Edit: Ah, I get it. It just altered 3 lines in /etc/hosts   . Fine, it works. Still feel it should be an option.

Since an auto-update effectively bricks your system until you put it back into DFU mode and do a restore I cannot see why you would ever want to do so. In addition, the information messages that there are updates available can crash apps (in particular XBMC) which can result in a flood of spurious support calls, so again not something that would be wanted.

Hmm … you might simply decide to have a system upgrade and leave the jailbreak state. That way you just untick the option and it does its thing. It doesn’t brick the ATV2. It just gets rid of atvflash and the jailbreak ( as far as I know there is no easy way to uninstall atvflash). I understand why you would want to block auto-updates for the reasons you give. I simply don’t see why getting a real update should now be difficult. Hopefully you will still be able to manually initiate an update without hooking it up to a computer, or are you saying that the atv2 can no longer be updated until you restore it via iTunes? With AirPlay there are reasons to upgrade and reasons to stay put.


Yes - I AM saying that you cannot revert to standard software until you upgrade via iTunes.   Attmepting to do it directly on the ATv2 will ‘brick’ your system if it is jailbroken (until you use the iTunes restore route) which is why you do not want to even offer users that option!

There was a recent update in the UK (and Europe) which enabled TV Shows.  Despite these auto-updates being turned off this actually appeared on my ATV2, although it was not fully functional, and remained there for a couple of days.  The ATV2 seemed to be stable despite this but the TV Shows option has now gone again, but it does make me wonder how well the blocking of auto-updates is actually working.  

Why did the TV Shows update partially appear on my ATV2 and why did it then disappear again a day or so later?  It seems like some (at least) of the update got through.

The option was removed from both Maintenance and nitoTV as performing an over the air (OTA) update was causing problems for jailbroken AppleTVs.

If you want to update the AppleTV your best option will be to connect the AppleTV to a Mac/PC using a micro-USB cable and restore with iTunes or Seas0nPass.

The TV Shows feature was rolled out to international users, but then pulled back by Apple. This feature did (does) not require a software update for the AppleTV.

Is it just wireless upgrades that are affected? On several occasions I have simply unchecked the option and allowed the ATV2 (wired) to upgrade and all went fine. It’s not that big a deal but it was slightly more convenient.