Maintenance on top shelf

Is it possible to get the maintenance icon to sit on the top shelf next to settings?

Also, I have hidden all other applications apart from media, computers and settings on the top row and Maintenance, MLB.TV, NHL and WSJ Live on the second row.
I would like to remove the 3 second row items and put maintenance on the top row. Any ideas?

I am running the latest Software and iOS 5.0 so i cant hide them through the old methods.


Parental Controls? Is that the “old method” you are referring to?

no the old method i was referring to was this one but it doesnt seem to be working anymore. I have the parental controls set currently but it doesnt remove the three last icons. (MLB.TV, NHL and WSJ Live)

Currently Media is the only item that is eligible to appear in the top row.

No way around that right now. Sorry.