Maintenance menu VERY slow

Why is it that while every other menu item works fine, the MAINTENANCE menu takes almost 10 seconds to respond to a click, and then about 4 seconds for every item in the Maintenance menu itself?



Is this just for the Manage Extras menu, or other submenus as well?

I experience the same problem in the maintenance menu.

All the other menu’s seems to be fine.

I’m a new user and installed v1.2 today.
When i press down  with the remote it can take up to 30 seconds before the highlight moves down.

I’m on apple tv 4.4.4

i have put mostly all menu entries into overflow (beside xbmc and plex) and expericening similar choppy browsing sometimes.

thats with 1.3 (ATV 4.4.4 (3330))

its only noticeable in the overflow menu, because xbmc does not have submenus and the plex menu does not have this problem (but showing some submenus)


when i enter the maintenance menu it takes some seconds for checking the internet and thats ok for me.


but -sometimes- just the browsing through the menu entries (overflow or all the menues inside i.e. nitoTV) are just delaying about 5-30 seconds.

in that time, i can press the remote control buttons and see thre blinking led indicator, but nothing happens on the screen.

after a while, the “menu-beep” sounds and i can browse again.

its like the ram is full and the hard drive is full too and swapping slows down every action on a windwos machine. you just have to wait…