Maintenance Icon Missing After Upgrade

Does Seasonpass also update the AppleTV software to 5.3? Did you have to uninstall first? I tried this last night, but had no joy. Can you go through your steps?


ok, I was originally running ATV 5.0.1. I re-installed Seas0npass, which installed the 5.3 ATV software. Then I installed the aTVFlash 2.5 software. The Maintenance icon is back! I installed Kodi and Infuse. Everything is working now.


My license has expired and there is nothing in my download folder. So I can’t even reinstall ATV Flash if I wanted to. Is there another way?

Same problem here, license has expired and nothing in my download folder. Help…

I’m on 5.2. Can I just reinstall atv 2.5 from the install file? Or do I have to update

Can we fix this from SSH without rejailbreaking/reinstalling?
I tried “apt-get --reinstall install com.firecore.maintenance” but it still does not show up. (I already had 2.5.3 installed)

If there is some solution?

No, you have to run the latest SeasOnPass again, this will install the latest AppleTV software (5.3), then you run the 2.5 aTV Flash.


But I don’t wanna get 5.3. I like my 5.0.2 with plex app. Why I have to do something? This is paid software.

You are correct, I also had 5.0.2 with Plex and Kodi. Didnt think that 2.5 upgrade will screw everything up. I have now updated to 5.3 and maintenance icon is back but no more Plex… :frowning:
Why was Plex removed in the first place?

Plex is not compatible with this version. Sorry.
You can downgrade back to 5.0.2 when you have SHSH Blobs Saved

OK. That’s bug.
If somebody will tell us when we can get the fix?

Will someone from Firecore please at least acknowledge that this is a bug and commit that it will be fixed please?

James already said it was a bug. Read page 2.

James, if you are reading theses posts, since you are looking into the bug, please give us an update.

We’ve pushed a Maintenance update that fixes the missing menu on older Apple TV versions.

In a nutshell, some of the iOS 7 additions we’ve been working on were causing issues for versions older than 5.3. Everything should be back to normal now.

If your Maintenance menu is currently missing, simply run the aTV Flash (black) installer from a Mac or PC and it will install the new update.

Thanks for your patience!

Thanks a lot! Works great!

I appreciate your quick response to our problem, but here I am stuck with no recourse but to pay $29.95 to restore my system to where it was before the “update” broke it. I don’t particularly want ver 2.5. I was happy with ver 2.4. Infuse still works, but I can’t make any changes or backups. Why can’t you make a version 2.4 download available for us customers who just want to get back to where they were. And please, please make any future “updates” clear as to what they might do to your existing system. I have been a longtime supporter of Firecore but this feels a lot like “ransom ware” to me.

Me too… Now it force me to Upgrade to fix the maintenance icon… no more downloads for earlier version.

PM sent.