Maintenance Icon Missing After Upgrade

I just attempted to update my AppleTV 2 from the maintenance icon on the AppleTV. I selected ‘Upgrade All’, it updated, then rebooted, but when it came back, the Maintenance icon was missing. I still have Infuse and XBMC, just not the Maintenance icon. ideas?


same thing happened to me too.

Same thing happened to me too.

Same here, running 4.4.4
Reinstall does not fix either.

Yep, same for me.

Started another topic with same problem, same here.

Same here.

Same problem. Tried multiple restarts but no luck. I have been doing updates periodically through Maintenance since installing in 2012 with no problems. I tried to download the 2.5 update directly from website but it tells me my license has expired. Maybe this is Firecore’s way of telling us we have to pay 29.95 again or no more updates. That’s the way they handled the iOS version of Infuse when it went to 3.0.

same here. WTF?

Version 4.4.4 is quite old, and is no longer supported, so the best option may be to update the Apple TV and start fresh.

To update the Apple TV software you will want to re-jailbreak with the latest version of Seas0nPass and re-run the aTV Flash (black) installer from a Mac or PC. Doing this will update and jailbreak your Apple TV at the same time.

I’m using Apple TV software 5.0.2

Is this out of date too??

I’m using 5.0.2. Could give a straight answer: is it intentional removing of maintenance? Or just a bug?

And maybe detailed instructions as to how we can get back to where we were prior to this bungled install? I had a backup, but how can I get to it without the Maintenance icon? I have been a supporter since the beginning, back in 2012. Now I’m hung out to dry.

Thanks James for stating the obvious.

Up to this 2.5 update, 4.4.4 had been running just fine, thank you.
I like the simplicity of the old interface, as opposed to the coloured mess that is 5.0+.

And yes I had been updating since 2010. It now tells me I cannot download a backup as my sub has expired. OK I like your product enough to cough up 29.95 , so I did.

But even with a backup reinstall of 2.5 maintiance is gone on 4.4.4.

And you cannot download a version prior to 2.5, can you?

If it is a deliberate grab for more sub money, fine, but at least man up and tell everyone before they install it.

If it is a bug, fine, please fix it, and pull 2.5 till that is done.

Please don’t hesitate. Feel free to let us know if this is bug or «feature»?

I will try a fresh update tonight and post my results.


We’re looking into it - it’s definitely a bug.

OK, so are you saying we should all just wait? I don’t want to waste an evening reinstalling everything if it isn’t going to fix the problem.


Thanks James for the prompt response, it is appreciated.

I used Season pass and updated my Appletv2, then re-installed aTV flash and everything is now working great.