Maintenance (Error 8.100) - what worked for me

AppleTV2 version 4.1.1

MacOSX 10.5.8


wired ethernet (not using wireless at the moment)

bluetooth apple keyboard

bluetooth apple mouse


Just a repost of perhaps some obvious information from the forum.

Nothing original, it was all right on the forums.


1. greenpois0n for mac RC6 final (2-12-2011) - jailbroken

2. installed nitoTV then xbmc from the original jailbreak menus

3. installed bluecop xbmc plugins - awesome

4. used nitoTV to upgrade the openssh server per wifi fix

5. power rebooted for good measure

6. (modifying these steps since James just posted a reason for the problems and its proved out)

After James posted to the forums that a server providing the packages had some network problem, I was able to use the firecore Maintenance menu to "update" Xbmc and it correctly did.. so I assume that a normal install will now work from the firecore installation app.

7. moved [Browser][][PLEX][XBMC][nitoTV][Maintenance] under Overflow menu


Maintenance works

Couchsurfer works

Plex (I dunno seems to work, but I don't know how to use the application) works

Xbmc works