MainMenuWeather missing on 5.0.2 and ATV 1.7

I was forced to upgrade/restore to 5.0.2 recently from 4.4.3 because I ran the “core updates” by accident which after a reboot put my ATV in a reboot loop. Beyond the fact that I really do not like the new interface the worst part is I’m missing my Main Menu Weather which I really liked. How can I get this back as I do not see it in the extras? I tried to go back to 4.4.3 or even 4.4.4 but of course I had no saved SSH blobs so that’s that.

To expand on this I did find the installer in Nito, had the DPKG error which I fixed using the line command, shows installed now but unable to find how to enable it. Rebooted several times, cannot find the menu. On a side note same issue with Exposed VNC, shows installed but no menu option.

MainMenuWeather is not currently supported on the 5.0+ Apple TV software.

Thanks James for letting me know, at least I can give up now lol. Same thing for Exposed VNC I take it then?

VNC still works just fine, i cant live w/o it as a dev.