Main Screen/Movie Wall Layout - Make It Adjustable


Can anything be done to correct the icon layout/movie wall layout? In the main screen I’ve got “Watching” on row 1, “Favourites” on row 2 but on row 3 “Recently Added” I can only see the top third of the covers without scrolling the whole screen.

Likewise if I select “Movies” I can only see two rows of 6 titles and a fifth of the third row titles. Thats’s a lot of scrolling to browse through 300 titles and it’s wasted screen space on my 75" screen.

Not sure if it would be possible to make it so that the covers were smaller in order to get more covers on a single screen or whether it’s an ATV restriction but at the very least it shouldn’t crop rows - it doesn’t look great to be honest.

It is obviously a design decision to have the third row cropped. It is to make the user aware of the fact that there is more content than two rows of items in the current view. It definitely needs to be that way and it doesn’t look bad.

Why is it “obviously” a design decision? I’m quite sure that it doesn’t “definitely need to be that way” and in my opinion it doesn’t look great. There will be plenty of users with large screens or projectors for which such a small number of titles visible is inadequate.

I think your idea about being able to change the size of the posters/titles, and thereby the number of titles on one screen, is a good idea. So, no need to disagree on that. :slight_smile:

What I was referring to regarding the design decision is the fact that the last row of posters on the screen is cropped. That is good and practical design to let the user know there are more rows below.

Just look at the Apple TV Home Screen. Exactly the same design decision for the same reason.

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