Main movie not playing - how to fix this?

I am unable to play the main movie on some movies recently added. For example, I ripped the movie “The Art of Racing in the Rain” (as usual, using MDRP) and added the 7.83 GB (.dvdmedia) file to my hard drive where all my other movies are stored. When I play on ATV/Infuse, I only get a 34 min. segment that is not the main movie. When I play the file on my MacBook Pro using VLC, I can play the entire movie (~1 hr - 48 min). This is also true for a few other movies although I do not have the problem on other movies on my hard drive. I have the 4k - 5th Gen. Apple TV, TVOS 13.2, and Infuse Pro 6.2.2. I checked VIDEO>TITLES and see: Title 3 (2:13), Title 4 (4:56), Title 5 (33:37), and Title 13 (7:07). I checked VIDEO>CHAPTERS and see: Chapter 1 & Chapter 2. Trying these options do not show the main movie. Does anyone have any insight as to why this is happening? Are there any solutions?