MacUpdate code


I purchased aTV Flash (black) through MacUpdate, and they not only gave a link to the program but also a code. Installation went great, and I’m now wondering what to do with the code. It seems that I need to use it to get future updates, but do is there a deadline in my use of it or can I wait until the next update?

By the way, aTV does exactly what I want: it allows me to watch my ripped dvds on the Apple TV. I tried it and it works great.

The serial number you received from MacUpdate is actually a redemption code you can use to ‘purchase’ aTV Flash (black) at no cost. This will add aTV Flash (black) to your FireCore account - allowing you to access future upgrades.

To redeem this code, simply add aTV Flash (black) to your cart and enter the serial number into the coupon code field found on the checkout page.

Thanks. Do I need to do it now or can I want till I need to update?

The MacUpdate coupons do have an expiration date, and even though you have plenty of time left it’s probably wise to redeem it sooner rather than later.

I too purchased through the Macupdate promo, and as some feedback - have been utterly baffled about how to use the coupon, how to get an update, and have been clicking absolutely everywhere on the site with no obvious indication of what to do.

Thanks for the explanation here - maybe next time the fuller details could go in the instructions that purchasers get?




How long exactly is the expiration date of the coupon code? I bought an aTV Flash (black) license through macupdate but didn’t go on to buy the 2nd gen apple tv back then. Now I bought the not (yet) supported 3rd gen apple tv and don’t want to miss out on the full year of support and updates. So I am thinking of activating the license as soon as the 3rd gen apple tv will be supported but I am worried that my coupon code might expire in the meantime. Cheers, cizko

(my original purchase was in mid november 2011)

anyone? please?

Best way to get a response is to create a support ticket.