macOS vs. iOS/tvOS Library


I’ve been using Infuse on iOS and tvOS for a while with a folder on my Mac being shared via SMB. I have iCloud Sync turned on.

I just updated to macOS Monterey and started using Infuse on my Mac.

  1. With the Shared Folder being local on my Mac and Infuse being local on my Mac, I noticed if I turn off Wi-Fi on my Mac I can’t access the folder and its contents with Infuse on my Mac, even though Infuse is local and the Shared Folder is local. Is this normal behavior?

  2. What I ended up doing is going with “Add Local Folder” and point it to the same exact folder that is the Shared Folder on my Mac, but since it was done through “Add Local Folder” whether or not Wi-Fi is on or not, it will access its contents.

  3. The question I have relates to iCloud Sync. I’m assuming that any folder added through “Add Local Folder” will not sync that actual favorited folder through iCloud since it’s local and my iOS and tvOS device will not be able to see it. But what about Metadata and Resume position etc? Since my Mac will have iCloud Sync turned on it will have both the folder added through “Add Local Folder” and the same exact folder due to iCloud Sync (since they’ve been added on iOS and tvOS). So the same folder will exist twice on macOS Infuse, one version being the locally added folder, the other version being the one synced through iCloud from my iOS devices. If I watch Movie A on my Mac though the local folder version will it still sync playhead position etc through iCloud Drive to the SMB folder version of the movie? And does that work vice-versa? If I watch Movie B on my Apple TV, will the updated play position be reflected on my locally added macOS folder Movie B?

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I think it would keep track.
Why? Because, if I have an SDR and an HDR version of the same movie and switch between, Infuse keeps track of the spot where I left off and resumes properly.

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Thanks! Good to know it’s working for you. I’ll try and replicate a portion of that behavior on my end