macOS Sonoma & Apple TV 4K Setup?

In addition to the fixes added by Apple in macOS 14.1, it looks like ‘Sharing Only’ users may have more limited access on macOS 14, and may not be eligible to be used for 'Windows File Sharing’ - which is required for SMB connections from non-Apple apps (like Infuse). It’s not clear if this is intentional or a bug.

What you can do instead is create a new ‘Standard User’ for Infuse, and then add folders you wish to allow that user to access. You can also set specific permissions for the folders you want to allow access to. This user’s access can be managed from the main admin user, so you never actually have to log in to the Mac with the other user account.

For example, I am the admin on my MacBook Pro, and I have added a new Standard user named ‘Infuse’ to use for sharing.

I then enabled SMB access for the Infuse user.

Lastly, I dragged in my own (James user) Movies folder into the list of Shared Folders, and added read access for the Infuse user. This can be set to read/write if you want to have the ability to delete files from within Infuse.

Now, connecting as the Infuse user allows me to access all the shared folders.

Update: The streaming set up guide has been updated with the new requirements, and a better walkthrough of the process for enabling File Sharing on macOS.

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Thanks for updating the documentation. This was definitely tripping me up, because I tried and failed to follow the documentation about adding a new “checked” user, but the Sharing Only user just never appeared as a user. It seemed excessive to need to share as a super user, but I guess short-term creating a Standard user might be the next best option.

I do wonder if this will change. If ever it does I’ll make a note of it and reach out.

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