macOS Sonoma & Apple TV 4K Setup?

Thanks for reaching out. Yep, I confirmed the network name of the computer hosting the SMB share, and it is the correct name.

I have no idea what could be interfering. :confused:

Try putting in the computers IP address instead of using the network name. It could be a DNS/multicast issue on your network.

Tried. No connection.

Reference for @james : YP1XA

It’s really odd what’s happening. I almost want to pin this just as much on MacOS as anything else.

It’s like restarting MacOS does something. I still can’t connect, but it does something.

Prior to my last few attempts (codes provided above), the connection just seemingly times out after maybe 10-15 seconds and gives a generic error message.

I restarted MacOS just now, and then attempted to connect again. This time it errors out instantaneously about using a wrong username and password combination, or something along those lines. It happens so fast, though, that I almost don’t believe that’s what really happened. That, or it really does finally connect but fails for some other reason, while all the other times, despite having a share configured in MacOS, it seemingly does not actually share and instead just times out waiting to connect to something that does not exist.

I’ve seen this error message before, and in fact it was the one I was experiencing for a while. I think the point I’m trying to highlight here is that a restart of MacOS changed the error message, which I never really observed before this.

Here is the diagnostic code where after restarting MacOS and attempting to connect Infuse to the SMB share, it immediately errors out and complains about bad credentials: NMNB1.

I’d be curious to know what’s so different behind the scenes based on the diagnostic logs. @james

Hi all

I have just fixed this on my setup.

Same as above I noticed the problem after the Sonoma upgrade tried all the usual stuff.

So I was in the Privacy & Security settings and I scrolled down to the area at the start of Security- Allow applications downloaded from… bit and there was a line for an application was waiting to update it was Paragon group software so I allowed the update and it required a restart.

After that it started working again I had to turn the file sharing back on at folder level to get my movie share to appear but that was it for me.

Strangely my Mac is now using my watch for authentications again now which had also stopped after Sonoma.

Hope this helps


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Thanks for following up!

"Paragon Group” isn’t associated with Infuse (or required for file sharing), but it’s interesting that having a pending request like this may have been blocking other system services from working normally.

Hey everyone,

Brand new Infuse Pro user here and having the same issues as pointed out above, except worse, because I haven’t been able to successfully log into my Mac via Infuse SMB on any device yet.

I have pretty much followed all the steps above, from creating a ‘Sharing Only’ user, to disabling VPN, to restarting my laptop, etc…

Unfortunately no matter whether I try logging in via my iCloud user, Infuse user or just as a Guest (no username or password) the same thing happens on every device I try (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV): the wheel spins for half a second and then I get an ‘incorrect username and password’ error.

All my devices and apps are updated to their respective latest versions.

I actually tested the whole SMB in the native Files app and it worked flawlessly, so really not sure what could be going wrong here…

Can you check to ensure ‘Windows File Sharing’ is enabled (with at least one user selected)? This option can be found by tapping the Options button which appears in the lower left corner of the window in your screenshot.

The user selected on this screen will be the one you want to use when setting up the connection in Infuse.

Yes, I wanted to post that screenshot above as well but because this is a new account it wouldn’t let me.

I’ve followed all the advice, steps and recommendations above on all my devices… I just can’t get it to work. Let me know if there are any logs that I can share with you or diagnostics steps to try.

Thanks in advance.

I faced the same issue today. I am using my Mac mini as a server for file sharing. I cannot connect with Infuse when the mac mini runs macOS 14.0. However after I updated the system to a developer beta 14.1, the issue was fixed. Hope this will help others facing the same issue.

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Thanks for posting this. It seems there may be a macOS bug here as this is only affecting some users.

It’s encouraging that updating to macOS 14.1 resolved the issue for you. It seems this update may be publicly available for everyone next week.

@Yiming 's post got me curious.

I updated to the 14.1 Public Beta of macOS Sonoma, and while I cannot use the custom user account made for sharing just the directories I wanted, I am now at least able to use the “checked” user in options (being my current super-user account) to establish a connection over SMB for Infuse. While this means I expose the entire hard drive to Infuse, which is not great, the connection can at least be made now.

I would MUCH prefer being able to use the custom sharing user account I created on MacOS that only has limited access to certain media directories, but this at least gets where I need to be, but it’s literally tantamount to sudo chmod 777 /, which is not great security-wise.

@james would you know if we’re able to connect using a custom user account, or the account that must establish the SMB connection is ALWAYS the one that’s checked under the options, where it’s inevitably always the current user, who is also likely the current super user for the computer?

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You can connect with any account you like, as long as that account is checked in the ‘Windows File Sharing’ list found under Options.

Once the share has been added, you can add Favorites for the folders you want Infuse to scan. This would limit where Infuse looks for videos, and will generally speed up scanning as it doesn’t have to scan the entire device.

Alternatively, you can create a manual share in Infuse and append the file path you want Infuse to access, which would prevent browsing of other files entirely (even when browsing via folders).

For example.

If my Mac’s hostname is MacBook-Pro.local, my username is james, the folder I want to access is the Movies folder (which is located in my home folder), I would manually enter the following into the address field in Infuse.


Note: Capitalization doesn’t matter here.

Doing this would allow Infuse to access the Movies folder only (and any subfolders).

macOS 14.1 (which seems to resolve some issues with SMB connections) is now available!


Unfortunately, the Mac OS update did nothing to resolve my SMB connection issue. The only way I can stream content right now is through SFTP. :man_shrugging:

I still don’t see where you submitted a diagnostics and provided a code in this thread from the earlier requests.

I just clicked Submit Diagnostics:

Code: A4WKB


Interestingly enough I just upgraded to 14.1 and while my Sharing user didn’t work (nor guest) my primary account now works, despite being iCloud and technically shouldn’t based on Infuse docs and the above thread :person_shrugging:

Same - still can’t get a Mac “Sharing Only” user to connect on macOS 14.1, since that user doesn’t show up in the “Windows File Sharing” list.
Ended up just creating another standard user instead, which worked. Not as clean as I would like but can at least avoid using my primary user account.

Randomly - I tried my primary User Account:

username: Shawn Meunier (actually typed it in with the capitals and the space)
password: my system password

AND IT WORKED!!! :slight_smile: Not sure why. Perhaps the most recent Mac OS update finally allowed it to??? Whatever the case. I think I’m back, baby. Thanks to everyone in this thread for the troubleshooting tips - and help.