macOS Sequoia Supports HDMI Passthrough for Dolby Atmos Content

macOS Sequoia Supports HDMI Passthrough for Dolby Atmos Content - MacRumors


We are waiting it in tvOS 18 :slight_smile:


They need to stop teasing us like this.

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To be fair that appears to finally enable lossy Atmos in MacOS, for things like Apple Music and the AppleTV app on Mac, which should have been done ages ago.

But I do hope I’m wrong and they will allow passthrough of lossless Atmos.


Be very interested to know if Infuse will add this support and if it will allow Lossless audio (TrueHD and DTS-HD MA) Apple seemingly only references Dolby Audio formats… but Passthrough is Passthrough unless Apple would artificially limit this by detecting the codec before hand?

If not hopefully these comes to tvOS soon.

This has been done by manufacturers to prevent DTS and only allow Dolby codecs to pass through, unfortunately

I fear you are right and they might even call it something other than “passthrough” in the final release.

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I believe this will be likely, putting MacOS on par with Windows finally.

I‘d be entirely happy with True HD Atmos passthrough as there is not really anything to gain from DTS-HD MA passthrough other than the rare case of DTS:X audio.

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Alas prepare for disappointment. One tester tried True HD on the beta and it did not work. So far, just lossy Atmos.

It’s too early to talk about TrueHD. To begin with, fireCore should add this feature to infuse. As well as other developers.

I don’t think they can add it in - it’s an OS level limitation.

We will have to see. Infuse usually doesn’t dig into these early betas much. Generally they will add things after it releases. But if it is something they can do, I hope they prioritize it above everything else.