macOS Playlists not syncing with iOS/iPadOS/tvOS

Hey there… so I’ve noticed that the latest macOS Infuse (7.1.3) on my macOS 11.6 is not showing any playlists that I can see on my iPhone 12 (v15.0/v7.1.3) Pro Max and iPad Pro (v15.0/v7.1.3), and my Apple TV 4K’s on v15.0 as well. I am signed up to the same iCloud account on all devices as well. Is this a known bug? Is there a workaround to get macOS Infuse to show my playlists? thanks in advance

Are other aspects of your library syncing to Mac?

Can you check to ensure iCloud Drive is enabled, and Infuse is checked in: System Preferences > Apple ID > iCloud Drive

Also check to ensure you have some free space available in iCloud.

Note: If you are creating playlists for local files (on Mac or iOS) these will not sync to other devices.

Thanks for reminder that iCloud Drive needs to be enabled. My work laptop disables iCloud for security reasons so that explains it :slight_smile: thanks @james!

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