MacOS Playback losing audio syncing after a while

I have to close the video and then resume again been happening for a while now

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Do you mean that the playback speed is changing? How are you determining this?

no the speed of the video doesn’t match what the people are saying

Ahhh, you mean the audio and video get out of sync.

Does this happen on all files or only certain ones?

all files

What version of Infuse and is it the free version or the subscription?

What is the file type? mp4, mkv, avi, mov, etc?

MacOS version 7.2.1 subscription and I usually watch mp4 or mkv

I am having same issue as above and playing MKV on Version 7.2.1 playing at speed of 1.5X

Can you try updating to Infuse 7.3? This release has a number of improvements for audio handling on macOS.

Still having this issue on 7.3.1 when playing and 4k/HDR video

Would you be able to send in a report from your device (and post the code here)?

Also, sending in a sample file that is giving you issues may help track down what is going on.

Code: T4WRW

File is uploaded

still have an issue in version 7.3.1