macOS, multiple accounts, family sharing and iCloud sync

I‘m using Infuse Pro on my Apply TV with a large movie library and the movie files located on my NAS. Library sync between the Apple TV and my iPad works perfectly with my iCloud account.

Additionally, I have a Mac mini (late 2012). Unfortunately, this machine does not support Big Sur, so I won‘t be able to install Infuse on it.

So I "have to“ use my wife‘s MacBook Pro (late 2016).
I have no user account on that Machine and won‘t create one because SSD space is limited.

Because of family sharing, my wife can use Infuse on her MacBook. Unfortunately, library sharing does not work because Infuse is looking for sync data on her iCloud account.

How can I tell Infuse to use my iCloud account instead?

Changing the iCloud account on her MacBook is not an option because she uses iCloud for many other things.

You’ve answered your own question.

A) create your own account linked to your iCloud
B) sign out of her iCloud and use yours
C) buy a new computer for yourself.

D) Do a google search for “Installing Big Sur on unsupported Macs”

D) Configure the library on her iCloud Account as well, its a one off setup and solves all your problems.

All of these are no options for me.

Of course I won’t by a new computer just for Infuse. My Mac mini is still working fine.

There is one other option… use plex server to handle all of your metadata and watch status.

If you can’t do that then you’re out of options.

That sounds interesting.

How/where do I do that? Can Infuse sync to multiple accounts?

Or do you think of building up a whole new library on my wife‘s account? Hm, that would be a lot of work and it won‘t be synced to the main library.

But maybe we don‘t need all the content on the MacBook.

Best option so far, thanks!

Of course not.

I won‘t risk the stability of the Mac that I use for daily work just to be able to use Infuse on it.

Currently, I‘m running Kodi on that Machine. Not perfect, but it works.

Just set up the shares in the library like you would if you were setting it up clean. Once its done it will keep up to date as you add things to it. Its a one off config, I have to do it with my Apple TV because my iCloud Sync has external URL’s and Webdav connections in it, but my Apple TV is on the same LAN and use internal NFS connections. Each library is identical, but they are separate. Not sure how else to explain it.

My problem is that I have many movies that were not correctly recognized by Infuse. I had to mannually correct that via “Edit metadata”. If I set up a completely new library, I have to check every movie again.

Also, I have many movies with special settings (audio format ,etc) that were initially not set correctly by Infuse and have to be modified manually.

All that takes time - which I don’t have because my wife needs her notebook. And I also can’t use the Mac mini for that because Infuse needs Big Sur.

My idea is now to set up an account for her on the Apple TV and create the library there.

If they aren’t recognised correctly then it’s likely your naming / folder convention isn’t compatible or the movie year is incorrect. All my movies are named like this …


TV Episides are similar with ‘S01E04’ after the show name.

This might be a pain to do but once it’s done you don’t have many issues. Admittedly I still have the odd few which need manual intervention but out of thousands that’s not bad.

The year is also a key factor, I look up the movie on tmDB and double check the release year. Some movies I have had the wrong year assigned which messes up the metadata retrieval.

Thanks, I know all these tricks and have used them wherever possible.

Specifying the year in the file name did help sometimes, but not always. And it should also stay compatible with Kodi, because… you know, I still need Kodi.

Anyway, I think it would be a good idea to add some syncronisation mechanism to Infuse that does not depend on the iCloud account. In my case, WebDAV would be ok, since I run a NAS anyway. But maybe also DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, … whatever.

I think your use case is very specific and would not be something the wider Infuse community would benefit from. The dev time to implement something like this would be significant.


You have the same situation when you simply have more than one person and all of them want to share the same library using their iOS devices.

Library syncing is a very useful feature. But it would be even more useful when it would not depend on the iCloud account.

If you have a NAS why not install plex/emby/jellyfin? That solves the problem of relying on iCloud for managing the library. In addition you also get easy access to your library when you’re not at home.

That is exactly why I‘m using Infuse (and Kodi on my old Mac).

Indexing is much slower on a NAS (mine has a Dual Core Intel CPU - compare that to any Apple device). Furthermore, all these server based solutions need a lot of resources (especially RAM) and I need my NAS for other - more important - things.

I can easily (and securely) access my movie collection from anywhere in the world using VPN.


I have created a completely new library, used my wife‘s iPad for that.

It took me more than three hours, Infuse crashed seven times. With each crash I lost about 10 minutes of work because of unsaved modifications. I almost expected that because it was the same when I created the original library.

But: Everything is perfect now, syncing to the Mac version was very quick and without any problems.

Case closed! Thank you for your support!

"My“ next problem is that her free iCloud storage space is now almost used up…

Glad you got it figured out!

As to “Your” next problem, I faced about the same for my spouse due to photos and the least painful solution I ended up with is to add a $25 gift card to her account and put her on the $.99 per month 50GB plan. I just set a reminder for every 20 months to renew the gift card to her account. :wink:

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