macOS: Keyboard shortcuts

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We’re working to add a number of shortcuts for the upcoming 7.3.6 release, and here is the current list of what will be available.


  • Play/Pause = Space
  • Next Media = Shift →
  • Previous Media = Shift ←
  • Forward 15 sec = →
  • Backward 15 sec = ←
  • Next Chapter = ⌘ →
  • Previous Chapter = ⌘ ←
  • Advanced Options = ⌘S


  • Toggle Fullscreen = ^⌘F
  • Toggle PiP = ^⌘P
  • Speed up = Shift]
  • Speed down = Shift[
  • Normal speed = Shift⌘[


  • Volume up = ↑
  • Volume down = ↓
  • Mute = Shift⌘↓
  • Cycle Audio Track (next audio track) = ^⌘A


  • Cycle Subtitles Track (next subtitles track) = ^⌘S
  • Toggle Subtitles (show on/off) = ^⌘G

Some of these have visual feedback

  • skip backward/forward
  • prev/next chapter
  • speed up/speed down/normal speed
  • volume up/volume down/mute
  • cycle audio track
  • cycle subtitles/disabled subtitles

7.3.6 will also add most of these options in the nav bar menus, and add support for the media keys (Play/Pause, chapter skip, etc…)

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on macOS and with VLC there is key option who allow to sync subtitles on timestamp
One Keyboard shortcut to say it’s the sync for the voice and one to say it’s the one for the subtille

Please don’t forget subtitles options (even if I know team is not a subtitles fan…)

Keyboard shortcuts are available in today’s 7.3.6 update.

A complete list of what’s available can be found here.

Is skip to next video added to onscreen interface for MAC?

You can use the keyboard shortcut (or menu bar control) to skip to next/prev video.

I don’t use keyboard.

Can i skip via onscreen display interface?

You can use the menu bar.

How do i update to 7.3.6 on mac?

Launch the App Store app and go to Updates.

Yes, this can be done using the Playback menu bar controls.

I did. There are no updates available. I am stuck on 7.3.5 and am a paid subscriber

Sometimes it takes a while for the updates to propagate through all of the Apple servers so check again a little later since it was just released a couple of hours ago. It will be there soon.

Great step forward with some support for Mac keyboard shortcuts and controls.

Any chance of getting some navigational key support for moving throughout the menu, I can navigate up and down, I just cannot navigate right or left. I get stuck in the left pane of the Infuse home screen.

Am I the only one with this issue??

If you’re talking about the menu on the top of the monitor have you tried the Apple instructions?

Navigate menus with your keyboard

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