macOS: Keyboard shortcuts

it’s really one of the feature I’m waiting for too… do we have an idea if it’ll come “soon” or more next year feature?

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In case you don’t know, there’s a continuously updated roadmap in the forum:

How do you pause playback? Spacebar doesn’t seem to work. I’m trying to open preferences for the app and nothing opens when I click it. When I try to open help, it says ‘help isn’t available for Infuse’. It also doesn’t seem to want to sync with my Apple TV app.

This feels a lot like an alpha, let alone a beta or release app.

I moved your post to a thread running in the suggestions forum for this feature.

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I honestly can’t believe for a paid video player we need to vote to enable press space to pause/resume playback

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If you notice, this thread in tagged as planned and you can keep track of where this feature is on the upcoming releases here.

Sure. This was initially an iOS app and we can see some drawbacks from this ancestry.
I also which to have basic shortcut support on the Mac.

On the plus side, this is the only player I trust to play everything from SDR to Dolby Vision in about any format and it has support for nice things such as spatial audio, or internet drives.
It is a pleasure to use on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV (not yet so much on the Mac).
And it is very nice to have syncing and the same features betwenn iPad, iPhone, Apple TV and now the Mac.

Note: I am a long time Infuse Pro (and before that aTV Flash) user and supporter :slight_smile:

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It’s a fantastic iOS and Apple TV app. The Mac app is a huge disappointment.

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From ammarrrr - It’s a fantastic iOS and Apple TV app. The Mac app is a huge disappointment.

I have to fully agree with this statement. The Mac app is hugely missing keyboard shortcut support, and I suspect for Windows as well (though, not sure on that one). The dev team really need to push this up the to do list, I suspect quite a few people watch shows via their computers, and in my case, I like to control the media player via my iPad within the Home Theater and use keyboard shortcuts. PLEX has had this feature like forever, how hard can it be. Common guys, be a nice Xmas update :slight_smile:


yep I agree as well I ditched Infuse again on my MacMini media center and went back to Movist Pro as it has shortcuts and seems also to be more reliable with a wider format of files.

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Cannot even skip to next video or previous video on MAC INFUSE APP. I got the Pro version.

What’s this about?

Yes , exactly:((
What a joke… the most important and basic stuff, I also have pro version from the very first time when infuse come to IOS.
And also the play and pause buttons are literally almost invisible, we can use 2 fingers to pause and play, but so what ? It’s not working properly because we have fingers smaller and bigger !

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It seems that this basic function has not been included in a paid software subscription. No replies from Support. Sent 3 emails

The macOS version is still an unfinished product, be patient.

It is not a BETA Version.

the stable version is still unstable and unfinished ,that’s what he meant


is there a plan available for updates published here?

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Yes, it’s a pinned post at the top of the suggestions forum.

Also the other pinned post will explain thread tags.

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thank you