macOS: Keyboard shortcuts

This probably falls under the “feature request” umbrella, but is it possible to support the keyboard media keys on MacOS? I’m talking about the Rewind, Play/Pause, FF buttons that map to F7, F8 and F9.

The current behavior is that if a video is playing in Infuse, and I hit Play/Pause (F8), the Music app launches because it doesn’t know there is something already playing.

I searched the forum but couldn’t find anything, but let me know if I missed it.


I came here just to ask this same thing. I was surprised when I tried to pause a TV show playing in Infuse 7 when the Music app launched and started playing when I pressed the Play/Pause key.

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Seems like after you use up/down arrow to adjust the volume, it highlights the volumn slider on screen and gets locked out, so you can’t use left and right to seek anymore


Would it be possible to add some more keyboard navigation to the Movie Info and Episode Info View (the views with the white Play/Resume button): Navigate through movies or episodes with Left/Right, Play/Resume with Enter.
Also, could you add the option to open the player full screen or remember the last state?

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Yes the same happened to me I can’t skip the video when using keyboard arrows anymore.

Also is it possible to give us the choice to assign the functionality of the keyboard gestures for example I’d like to assign Z and X to edit the subtitles time.

No keyboard skip on macOS

I found a bug in the latest public release of Infuse for macOS, Version 7.0.7 (7.0.3726).

Steps to reproduce

  1. In Infuse, play a video with multiple audio tracks.
  2. After playback has started, switch to another audio track.
  3. Try to use the keyboard to control playback, i.e. space to play / pause, left arrow to rewind, right arrow to forward.

Expected results

Playback can be controlled via the keyboard.

Actual results

Playback does not respond to keystrokes, but can still be controlled by clicking the UI buttons on the floating bar.


After changing audio tracks, if I close the currently playing video and re-open it, the issue would be resolved and playback can be controlled via the keyboard again.

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Thanks for the report.

Keyboard controls aren’t officially available just yet, but some things do sort of work.

We’ll be adding full support for keyboard controls in an upcoming version.


Thanks for the clarification, I took it for granted and assumed it was a bug.

As we still have this issue with “forced subtitles” on macOS, I’m looking if there is a keystrokes to disable them when you are looking a video?

as an extra question, is there a list somewhere with all the keystrokes we can use when we play a video?

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I’m hoping that seek forward/backward 5 seconds (as seen in your screenshot) will be part of this feature when it comes out. :crossed_fingers:

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Same here.
This bug still exists in version 7.1.1 (7.1.3803)

Maybe I’m missing something but I can’t find a way to fast forward skip via the keyboard when watching a movie on my M1 iMac Media centre. I’m missing the option to fast forward/skip via the left-right arrows on my keyboard.

how do I skip fast forward in full-screen mode without using the mouse?

I moved your post to a currently running thread in the suggestions forum for this feature. (note that this thread is tagged “planned” :wink: )

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Does this suggest I can skip forward via arrow key’s? As it won’t work for me

No, this is a thread requesting the ability to use keyboard shortcuts to control infuse. Since the Mac version is relatively new it’s still a work in process and this is one feature that is being asked for.

If you read the full thread you’ll see where it’s on the list of coming features.

@james It’s still unfinished , why does it take so long?It’s so important to Mac users , I’m depressed.

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it’s really one of the feature I’m waiting for too… do we have an idea if it’ll come “soon” or more next year feature?

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In case you don’t know, there’s a continuously updated roadmap in the forum: