macOS: Keyboard shortcuts

Are there plans to add more keyboard controls?

Right now i can skip forward/backward with the right/left arrow keys but not for volume control (arrow up/down)?


That would be awesome
Keyboard shortcuts for switching audio and subtitle tracks would also be helpful


Thank Firecore team for bringing Infuse into macOS.
Infuse for macOS is extremely lack of the function and key bindings to play videos.
It can’t be used to play videos by shortcut keys.
Please learn from IINA(based on mpv)
The following is examples and an example file of IINA(based on mpv) shortcut keys.

the function and key bindings to play videos.txt (2.7 KB)

ENTER cycle fullscreen
. frame-step
, frame-back-step
DOWN seek 5
UP seek -5
RIGHT seek 5 exact
LEFT seek -5 exact
s cycle-values sub-ass-style-override “force” “no”
cmd+0 set window-scale 0.5
cmd +1 set window-scale 1.0
cmd +2 set window-scale 2.0

cmd +v video-panel
cmd +a audio-panel
cmd +s sub-panel
cmd +p playlist-panel
cmd +c chapter-panel


This probably falls under the “feature request” umbrella, but is it possible to support the keyboard media keys on MacOS? I’m talking about the Rewind, Play/Pause, FF buttons that map to F7, F8 and F9.

The current behavior is that if a video is playing in Infuse, and I hit Play/Pause (F8), the Music app launches because it doesn’t know there is something already playing.

I searched the forum but couldn’t find anything, but let me know if I missed it.


I came here just to ask this same thing. I was surprised when I tried to pause a TV show playing in Infuse 7 when the Music app launched and started playing when I pressed the Play/Pause key.

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Seems like after you use up/down arrow to adjust the volume, it highlights the volumn slider on screen and gets locked out, so you can’t use left and right to seek anymore


Would it be possible to add some more keyboard navigation to the Movie Info and Episode Info View (the views with the white Play/Resume button): Navigate through movies or episodes with Left/Right, Play/Resume with Enter.
Also, could you add the option to open the player full screen or remember the last state?

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Yes the same happened to me I can’t skip the video when using keyboard arrows anymore.

Also is it possible to give us the choice to assign the functionality of the keyboard gestures for example I’d like to assign Z and X to edit the subtitles time.

No keyboard skip on macOS