macOS infuse library location

Hi, new to infuse. Where is the location of where data files for infuse? Datafiles such as prefs, thumbnails index database of all he files loaded?

I’d like to move the data library to a portable hard drive so I can use the same library on multiple computers.

only one I’ve found is

are the files/folders hidden?

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Welcome to the forum!

Those files are not accessible but if you turn on iCloud sync on all of the devices you use that info will be shared and updated to all of the devices as long as they are all using the same Apple ID. :wink:

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Don’t prefer to use cloud service since network availability is inconsistent.

could you share why they are not accessible if they are located on the local MacOS Volume?

I have the same question: where is the local storage for things like Watched, Recently Added, etc? I am having an issue with a corrupted thumbnail file in the Recently Added section, and would like to ‘prune’ just that one file, not my entire Recently Added section. What is the path for those?

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