MacOS Infuse HDR Implementation


Is there a reason that Infuse for Mac performs tone mapping for HDR rather than passing it directly to the built in MacOS tone mapping (this allows for some fancy hardware/software fusion to create pseudo-HDR on macOS SDR displays) - Explore HDR rendering with EDR - WWDC21 - Videos - Apple Developer and Apple’s “EDR” Brings High Dynamic Range to Non-HDR Displays — Prolost. I just purchased an Infuse for Mac subscription and was immediately disappointed by the HDR tone-mapping implementation, looks far worse than using native quicktime or side-loading the iOS app which looks identical to native quicktime, leading me to believe that the iOS app is passing the HDR directly to macOS’s EDR pipeline. The macOS infuse app does look better than IINA/stock mpv tone mapping, yet still leaves a lot to be desired. Is there any setting that can fix this? So far the only solution I’ve found on my M1 mac to play mkv files with correct HDR is via iOS media players.



We have a few items in this area we are working to improve. Stay tuned.


Awesome! Makes me regret the subscription a lot less :). Just curious, has the iOS HDR implementation always been to pass it to the Apple pipeline? Or did it used to do tone mapping itself at any point?

Hey James,

Any update/ETA on this?


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