MacOS HDR Clipping (Blown Out)

Thanks james, I’ll take your word for it. Since it’s unknown content and file compression, it’s hard for me to say if that is intended or accidental.

Even if we may disagree right now about which types of content like test patterns should be used to tweak the implementation, I appreciate you hearing me out. :+1:


so you have to find correct values for each display including external monitors ? wow :flushed:

This is a screenshot of the Black Level HDR pattern, which some calibrators use: (Spears & Munsil UHD HDR Benchmark (UHD Blu-ray Disc))

Infuse 7.3.5 (4015) vs QT Black Levels:

You probably have to up your brightness on some displays, otherwise they both look black. So I do not agree that QT crushes black levels :wink:


IMHO: QT looks like reference and Infuse looks like raised blacks. Not everything which is there in a scene (by raising brightness) has to be seen.


Just test a dark scene reviewed by a pro calibrator in YouTube, (spider-man homecoming 50:27)
Comparing QuickTime and infuse, to my surprise Infuse introduce more noise and looks dull while QuickTime looks better and less noise.
I think an “accurate color mode” offer to those who want accurate color on their mini led MacBook would be great while average Joe can use the “boost mode” by default.


Exactly my thoughts.

If you artificially adjust the quantization curve for tone mapping so that the shadows are brighter and the highlights are darker, wouldn’t you get the good old SDR? The point of HDR is so that the two are as contrasty as possible.

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Agreed, having an option to use QuickTime color mapping would be ideal, I’m not sure how feasible that is though.

This update offers an improvement but still in dark scenes the contrast is not up to par with QuickTime.

What’s strange is on iOS they use Apple’s APIs and all the dark scenes in Infuse on my iPhone look identical to QuickTime on my MacBook. Still not entirely sure why they chose to use different solutions on different devices.

If you’re using your own color mapping to boost blacks because you believe customers prefer it, why would it only apply to the MacOS app?


I would also like to see the QT mapping option in Infuse. What is Infuse using for Dolby Vision Profile 5 content QT or other tone mapping?

I believe they are using their own “tone mapping”, as in converting the color profile from ICtCp with an identity transfer function and ignoring the reshaping metadata. This is just a guess though, I don’t think they’ve confirmed it anywhere.

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In today’s 7.3.8 update, we’ve added an option to switch between HDR color palettes (Infuse/Apple).

Some videos may look better with one setting, while some look better with the other. There is also a little bit of personal preference involved, so now you have the option to use the one you prefer. :slight_smile:

The new setting can be found in Preferences > Playback.


James, thank you so much! I just double checked the calibration video and it looks perfect.

Just to confirm, is this for both HDR-10 and DV?

Just HDR.

There are no adjustments possible for DV since we’re using Apple’s pipeline for that.

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Awesome! Just curious what did you guys actually do?

Is Infuse more color accurate or tracks the PQ better than Apple?

Please give us some technical info if possible. Appreciate this option really!

Apple’s palette is going to perform better with calibration videos (like the one in the original post), but in our tests causes some HDR content to appear very dark.

Infuse’s palette does pretty well in calibration tests, and IMHO provides a more natural looking image in a number of scenarios.

Overall, it’s really going to come down to personal preference. So that’s why we added a setting. :slight_smile:

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Interesing thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for adding the option for HDR color palettes!
I sometimes find Infuse one to be to much bright. Apple palette seems to be better for color saturation on normal scene but indeed in some darker scene, it is to black and I don’t see everything.
I realize now I can play hdr movies with Plex on Safari and hdr seems to be perfect!
I would love to see if we can fix the Apple palette to match Plex on Safari/Quicktime.
I love Spatial Audio from Infuse and I want to support the app but I would really love if we could get the exact HDR Mapping from Safari.
Sorry English isn’t my first language haha, maybe I could upload screenshot that compare the 3 (The 2 Palettes and Safari)
*I am using MacBook Pro 14 2021

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