MacOS HDR Clipping (Blown Out)


I’ve noticed that the HDR implenmentation in MacOS Infuse tends to overbrighten all the HDR content that I’ve watched, leading to clipping in a lot of cases. This is not the case in Quicktime, so not entirely sure why this is happening (Assume Infuse passing the wrong brightness values to the layer somehow). Extremely noticable with this HDR clipping test here:

Though you can easily see it watching bright movie scenes as well.

To see the difference, you can watch the mp4 clip on iPhone, or via Quicktime on macOS. Then see how all of the brigher colors are clipped when watching in Infuse on Mac.

I think this has brought up before, but not sure why it hasn’t been fixed - I assume it’s an relatively simple change to make? Should just be incorrect brightness values being passed on the layer somehow. Maybe some people prefer the overbrightened “impressive” hdr look but I think it should match the original content intent. (This still exists in the lastest Infuse version that I have tested).


What computer do you have and what version of infuse are you using?

M1 Pro 14", 7.3

I assume this issue will affect any of the miniLED macOS displays. (Not sure if it affects non miniLED displays)

Just wanted to chime in and mention that I’ve noticed this issue as well. (I also have a M1 Max 14" miniLED).

Yes, I have the same issue.(also mbp14 miniled)

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Hi, I have the same issue. On Mac Pro + XDR monitor and on Apple TV 4K2 + Sony 4KHDR TV.
I opened error case in summer and provided samples. FireCore still don’t fixed it. Very disappointed.

It seems to me that Infuse don’t respect monitor profile during output.
To get right Gamma and brightness infuse should read metadata in the HDR stream ( Dolby Vision or HDR+ use metadata extensively ) and covert 10bit stream to monitor gamma and brightness.
Or pass stream to correctly initialized system output library unchanged.

I can confirm the problem with iPhone 12 Pro HDR video on Apple TV 4k2 + Sony 4KHDR TV.

Test pattern also blown ou on my M1 Pro 16" MBP (the whites or the blues depending on brightness setting!!).
Seems fine on my Apple TV 4K and a LG OLED.

That might explain why, on the Mac, the Dolby Vision version often seems less vivid than the HDR version of the same video.

Fix coming soon in 7.3.1. :wink:


im not sure it explains the dolby vision problem as DV looks rly dull for me,not rly different from an sdr release,which shouldnt be the case,doly should be brighter and more vivid ,and have better hihglights in general

Thank you for comment, James!
Ready to test!

Today’s 7.3.1 update adds better handling of HDR videos on newer Apple displays.

the HDR enhancement on mini-led MBP seems still has some wired clipping on 7.3.1 while I ran the test video. As you can see the box in red and blue area after C623 totally disappear as well as the pink one after C677

These calibration videos can be affected by display brightness, so you may try adjusting up/down.

Note: It’s also tricky to capture every color accurately in a pic.

I’m still seeing the issue on 7.3.1. Pink, red and blue color bars are getting clipped early. The top bars all look good.

Opening the same file in Quicktime or even YouTube displays it properly.

It’s a lot better, but still not perfect like Quicktime. Why should it depend on display brightness? Shouldn’t it all just be relative to the max? In Quicktime it seems to be fine at all brightness values, same with the Infuse iOS app.


But while I watch some film, if the scene has lot of red and black colour then the red and black gradient area would become over exposure and the noise appears. This issue won’t appear on QuickPlay

Infuse on MacBook Pro 15 2018

IINA on MacBook Pro 15 2018

I tried it on my iPhone and iPad Pro, which all support HDR, the results are identical to the IINA case.

Therefore, I can replicate this issue.

For what it’s worth, I also notice this difference comparing QuickTime to Infuse 7.3.1 on my MacBook Pro 14" (2021, M1Pro, macOS 12.1).

I know it’s not a perfect comparison tool, but I took a photo of my screen with both QuickTime (top) and Infuse 7.3.1 (bottom) open at the same time, so screen brightness is the same. The slight difference you can see in the photo matches what my eye sees - the red and fuschia in particular appear blown out in Infuse.

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