MacOS dvhe.08.06 support

I know similar topics exist but I haven’t been able to get a clear answer.

When playing a dvhe.08.06 file on MacOS, whether it be native Plex/Emby streaming via Chrome or Safari, or playing through infuse. How can you tell if you are getting HDR10 or true Dolby Vision? There seems to be no way to check. I have read about an update where live conversion to P5 will be done, is this would indicate that at the moment you will get HDR10 on all.

Does MacOS have a setting where I can see what is being played? TVs handle this much better.

Currently, these will play in HDR10 (unless they are videos shot on an iPhone).

There is work towards having an option to convert these from P8 to P5 on-the-fly, and this would allow these to be played in DV (on supported devices).

You can follow this thread for updates.

Thanks for the reply James!

I love the fact that it works if shot on an iPhone but that those exact same files do not play in DV on an LG tv.

I will follow the topic you mentioned, although I mainly have MP4’s. Is there any system-wide way to tell what kind of media is being played (HDR10 or DV)?

Some TVs will show a logo when switching modes, but unfortunately there is no such feature on macOS at this time.

However, in general, Infuse will always play things in the highest level supported.

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