macOS: Dark App Icon

Would love to see the option to switch to a Dark App Icon on for macOS.

From this support page it typically notes whether an option is only available for a specific device/OS. It is not notated in this documentation however, and I do not an option for it. Only an option for “Appearance” to set to “Dark”; which definitely the more import option :slight_smile: .

Would love to see the option though to for the dark icon on macOS, as it does not appear to be user changeable for applications downloaded from the App Store.

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Here’s the workaround I’ve been using.

You can do Get Info on /Applications/ in the Finder, then drag a custom icon to the little icon at the top of the Get Info window that opens. I made one from the icon on the website:

You will have to re-do this every time the app is updated.

Here’s a slightly higher quality version made from the icon file in the press kit.