macOS Catalina and Infuse 6 & 6.1 - Broken

Beta 1 and 2 of Catalina was working just fine for me, updated to beta 3 and the SMB shares are no longer accessible- I can see the drive and or the shared folders listed but when attempting to open them I get the error message that an error occurred. I’ll try an non iOS13 Apple TV shortly but I think it’s having the same issues and was also just fine under the first 2 betas.

I have recreated the shares, not only shared the drive but also the folders and even created a sharing only user account on my iMac.

Dev’s, is this also broken for you? And yes, it’s a beta OS, I know the risks!


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This seems to be an issue with macOS 10.15 b3, and something we’re looking into.

Please follow this thread for more info.

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