macOS (14.5 Beta) quits unexpectedly when browsing Home/Library/Files

Hi, I am currently using Infuse (with Pro subscription, Trakt, and connected to both Plex and a NAS on my local network).

For the past 1-2 months I have been experiencing problems with Infuse crashing seconds after opening the app. This seems to happen when browsing Home, Library, and/or Files.

Once I’ve started playing a video, then Infuse tends to work fine. So the crashes seem to be related to browsing the media libraries/files (?). Or I wonder if perhaps Infuse could crash due to Plex becoming unresponsive (which is a separate problem I am having from time to time)? If anyone knows of any possible solution to the problem please don’t hesitate to share. Thanks

Did this start after installing the macOS 14.5 beta?

Can you send in a report (and post the code here) if this happens again?

Thanks for the reply. I think it might have started before I installed macOS 14.5 beta. The problem has been going on for ~1-2 months. And during that time I think I’ve upgraded/updated the OS at least twice.