Mac vs PC Version

Need help deciding which version to buy. Am using duo core Imac and running Windows on it with Parallels. All works fine. I travel alot, though, and take a PC laptop with me. I assume that if I buy the Mac version and do my downloads from there the Windows machines won’t be able to recognize the Apple TV? :?:

best to get the version that matches how you manage an ipod.

the atv will need to have an itunes association.

thereafter the downloads will be in the same format, ie dmg for mac. so whichever os you use most would make sense.

oh - one tip, disable the auto-updates on everything once setup, lest one minor update unsettles everything.

Thanks. So, if I understand, if I want to take atv content with me to use with the Windows PC, I’d better use the PC version or the PC will be unable to read the atv’s content – right? …and even though it’s an APPLE TV, it will work fine on my PC as long as I have Itunes installed? :idea:

So the version you buy is only to make the patchstick on the USB drive. If you plan on using a Mac to make the USB stick that plugs into the Apple TV, then get the Mac version. If you think you would be making aTV Flash on a PC then get the PC version. As far as transferring files to the Apple TV or using the Apple TV, you are fine with either PC or Mac.