Mac version of Infuse Watched Status not Consistantly Syncing

Did somebody have the same problem that infuse not sync played episodes from a series.

How long did you wait between watching an episode and checking another device to see if it was watched?

All devices have iCloud sync on?

All logged into the same user ID?

Plex share, regular or other?

Sometimes it works, sometimes not. All device are using the same ID. On AppleTV, iPad and iPhone the sync is working. Only affected Version is the MacOs Version. Iā€™m using the newest Version.

Are you using the latest 7.1.2 version on all devices? Infuse 7.1 and later will not sync with older versions.

Also, can you check to see if you have some free space available in iCloud?

A few other requirements for iCloud Sync can be found here.

Problem solved. I install infuse on apple tv again.

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Thanks for the follow up! :+1:

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