Mac - Save Position and Size + State

A list of great Quality of Life features that would be for the Mac App:

1. Save Window Position + Size
If I launch Infuse and ensure that the app is a specific size, then proceed to quitting the app, and then launch it again, it will remember the exact size and position of the app on the desktop. So far so good. But the problem arises once a video is played and enters fullscreen. Once that happens, and you either (a) quit Infuse directly as you’re watching the video or (b) close the video window to return to the main Infuse app. Once doing either (a) or (b) and re-launching Infuse, the main window size and position will take into consideration the face that the actual video itself was the last size and position. It is a minor annoyance granted but for someone who uses Infuse frequently multiple times a day, it does get a bit tiresome. Would be great to see the size and position saved according to the the last size and position of the main Infuse interface regardless of the video being played.

2. Save Infuse State
If I always access a Favorited folder in the Files section of Infuse and shut down the app, upon restarting it would be great to see it show me that section directly rather than me having to navigate to it constantly. So far it just saves the main state so either “Home” “Library” or “Files” but not the substate of “Home” or “Files”.

3. Bonus - Subtitles
I know this has been discussed before, but Infuse only scrapes local subtitles named exactly as the corresponding video file within the same directory (doesn’t work in a sub-folder). Would be a great QoL improvement to see it scrape any subtitle type files within the same directory or any sub-directory regardless of file name of the subtitle similar to other video players on the market.



It’s far better to only place one suggestion in a suggestions thread so that it can be supported on it’s own instead of trying to figure out which of many other users like.

Also when you duplicate suggestions it dilutes the votes for the same idea, that’s why we try to combine suggestions into one thread.

Your subtitles suggestion is covered here.

Your save windows position is covered here.

@NC_Bullseye apologies for the lack of following a clearer format from my part, it makes sense. Thanks for pointing me to the correct posts for each of my points. I’ll definitely remember that for the next post.

I reviewed 2 of the posts related to my 2 points. I hope some of the information I provided in this original post (like not just window position but size) also applies.

And point no. 2 I made Infuse state was not mentioned prior.

Thanks again