Mac Player sound unsupported

Hi, Love this player, works great on ios & TVos - so having just moved to mac thought I would give the mac player a go. I run plex server on my mac mini m1, serving files saved on my synology nas. I use a 2021 LG 43 inch tv as my monitor and use the TV internal speakers, which is connected to the mini via hdmi. When I play any content in infuse player on my mac from plex the tv gives me the error message unsupported audio format. I have looked at the settings in infuse, and can only see limited scope for change and the tv audio setting is auto. Can anyone help me resolve please ? thanks

@Dazzzerr please go to the settings panel in Infuse and uncheck “5.1 sound via HDMI”.
If that does not work, go to the Audio and Midi Setup app on your Mac (in the Utilities folder) and make sure that the HDMI output is set to stereo, 16 bit, 48kHz.

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thank you @jrmec.49364 , the 5.1 had been unchecked. However going into the midi set up the sound was set for 2ch 24bit, changed to 2ch 16 bit and all works a treat. By way of feedback to firecore, when I attempted to play back video in the infuse Mac app prior to changing to 2ch 16 bit, all sound for all apps/software including the Apple Music app would not playback until I did a reboot of the Mac. Great forum, and great software…

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