Mac OS X Lion + XBMC on ATV2 - no go !!!!

Hi all,

I've just updated Mac OS X to Lion GM and now I'm having trouble playing anything on ATV2 via XBMC.

I'm using SMB for sharing, still works, but when I'm trying to play any of the supported files (avi, wmv, mkv,...) it doesn't work !!!! WHY ???

I read something that Apple has removed SMB from Mac OS X Lion or someting like that.


Please help me with my problem.

Thanks in advance,


Does anyone have a solution?

This is a known issue with the new SMB version included with Lion.

AFAIK there’s no workaround as of yet, but you can stream via AFP using Media Player which has been confirmed to work with Lion.

Media Player is working via AFP but no subtitles yet. It’s very buggy but still… When will you add support for subtitles (srt)?

Support for subtitles will be available soon. If you’re having trouble with other aspects of Media Player please submit a bug report as described here: Bug Reporting - 2nd gen Apple TV - Firecore


Use afp. cifs, smb are Microsoft protocols. Not open like NFS. Apple has to stay current with Microsoft and not the Linux smb clones. The problem is not Lion or Media Player. The problem is smb.


How can I setup AFP in XBMC? It isn’t there. Only SMB, NFS,…

Currently AFP is not supported in XBMC, but is available in Media Player.

Yes, I know that cause i set it up on my ATV2. But please add support for subtitles (srt).

I would head on over to . You would have to compile it and I don’t know if you can on the ATV2.
XBMC is great and I run it on 2 HTPC’s and an ATV v1. It’s great but networking is not one of it’s strong points.



I have the same problem, except AFP doesn’t work in Media Player. I get a message saying AFP is not correctly activated, launch Smart Installer with a disc image version 1.0, etc etc. I have no idea what all that means, and I don’t know what to do to make it work…

  1. install “PS3 Media Server”(free) on Mac 10.7 and setup: network - en1, IP adress (Mac- “server” IP), Shared folder(s)

  2. XBMC on Apple TV - “add contact” or “source”(?) - “UPnP”

  3. play

next time you have to go to “add contact” again…

If the movie name and the subtitle name are the same it will play the movie automatically with subtitle.

That is for the original ATV. Smart Installer is something you run from nitotv on that player.


Hey James, you mentioned that afp would work through media player, where can I access media player on ATV2? do I have to install it like xbmc? thanks.

Media Player needs to be installed via the FireCore Maintenance menu.