Mac OS Icon Pack

The change log for this version of Infuse (7.0.1 (macOS) released 2021-05-11) states the following:

  • New icon pack!

I don’t understand how this works. I don’t see any controls for changing icons at all. How does this work? How can I access the icon pack? I know the default icon appears to have changed. Is that what the release notes mean? Seems like a weird way to phrase it, if that is the case.

I feel like I’m just missing something. Thanks for any help.

Well, maybe the reason you don’t have the controls is because they don’t exist yet?

I’d guess that with the new icon pack there would be a new option to change them but that’s just a guess. :smiley:

It may be icons for the favorites too. Guess we’ll see. :wink:

The only icons that changed for me are the app icons

Correct it appears the release features list has been clairified to state “New app icons”

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