Mac - Infuse integration

This is my first mail to the community, I therefore ask for the understanding of the readers, in case I make one or two things not as it is supposed to be.
I have my movies and TV series in my NAS in France and do watch them via Infuse in Germany. I use the WebDAV protocol for that both on my Apple TV and iPhone. On the MacOS version, I have noticed the following points to mention:

  • Subtitles: The option to choose a subtitle online and embed it to the movie, doesn’t work on the Mac version. Even the (separate) subtitle files within the same movie folder are not available to choose in this beta version. Only the burned one’s are to reach out to. (see the picture

  • The script at the top line doesn’t show perfectly whenI switch to “full screen”. However, I assume this is just an aesthetics issue and is easy to deal with. (see the picture [Aesthetics - Script Up the Bar line|690x244])

  • The fetching never stops: Anytime, I open the software, it starts fetching and doesn’t ever end up until I close the app. However, despite to my other colleagues, I do not experience a major heating either while watching a movie or by having the app fetch. (upload://xH7qZrIO0cyuY8DKN35rk6GvhEM.jpeg)

Thank you for this opportunity to be part of the team.

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