Mac hard drive connected, External not?

Hey guys, question for you all.
I am trying to stream my external hard drive content from BOTH my ps3 and atv. I have been running into this problem where when i set up the external hard drive from my Base Station (which i will now refer to as “The Mac”[OSX 10.4.x]) it can see everything physically built in the computer, but it does not appear to recognize the external hard drive threw The Mac.

I set up to stream according to the guides and tutorials available online that i have found (this is the end of day two of how-to reading) and i can stream any video from my Mac hard drive just fine, how ever my external (which, YES, is connected to the Mac) does not appear in the atv interface,

Currently the Volume Path is set to: Owner’s Mac
-from here i have a sub folder list consisting of Macintosh HD and some folders. On the Mac, this is where (in finder) my external drive (which we will now call iomega_hdd) is, but in the atv, there is no iomega_hdd folder, drive or other indication that it exists.

Ive tried changing the smb settings yadda yadda yadda, tried making iomega_hdd my Volume Path (which only creates a file tree problem, as apparently it does not exist.)
the iomega_hdd is set to be read and write under sharing options

Assuming I am doing everything right; something, somewhere is broken (ha!) and I am certain the problem is on the atv end as streaming from the Mac to my ps3 is working fine.
unless there i should be using my ps3 as a base station, which will be day 3 (tomorrow) if this kind community cant find a way to help me out.

please show me the error of my ways!


You will want to add the external drive to the ‘Shared Folders’ list as shown in the screenshot below. Once this is done, use the external drive name in place of ‘Macintosh HD’ for the Volume path when setting up a share point through the nitoTV > Network menu.