Mac/ATV syncing still doesn't work with Infuse 7

Syncing does work to an iOS device but its installation there far predates the Mac version’s existence.

There’s only one user on the ATV, but curiously, the account is listed under “Additional Users” rather than under “Default User.” I cannot add it as a “Default User” as it’s already signed in as an “Additional User.” I would remove the user from the ATV, but it warns that my “app data in iCloud” will be deleted. I assume this includes wiping my Infuse metadata from existence? Or, if I remove the user from the ATV and re-add it as a Default User, will the metadata stay cached on the ATV and get re-uploaded when I sign back in?

Deleting a user from the Apple TV shouldn’t affect the Infuse data you have in iCloud, but I agree that is sort of a scary message.

I guess another option would be to factory restore the Apple TV, and ensure you sign in with your Apple ID as the Default user.

I double checked my iOS device and it is actually using the same data that shows up on the Mac, not what’s on the ATV. Wouldn’t removing/re-adding the user account or factory restoring the ATV force it to use this data, and not the data it’s currently using locally?

Most likely yes.

It sounds like the data in iCloud is getting to iOS and Mac, but not Apple TV. This means the info you see on iOS and Mac will remain and be synced to the Apple TV after the restore and re-install of Infuse.

Is there any way to wipe what’s on iOS and Mac and get my ATV data to sync, or am I looking at losing my ATV data again no matter what?

If you were able to get the Default user issue sorted out on Apple TV without doing a restore, Infuse should be able to push the info from Apple TV to iCloud and merge things with the records from the other devices.

However, depending on what info appears as newest in iCloud, there’s a chance some info from the Apple TV gets replaced with info from iOS/Mac.

If you really want to keep the info from Apple TV, you can try this.

  1. Delete all copies of Infuse, except for Apple TV
  2. Delete iCloud data (iCloud & Trakt Syncing – Firecore)
  3. Sign out of the current user on Apple TV and sign in as the Default user
  4. Ensure iCloud Sync is enabled in Infuse
  5. Click ‘Scan for Changes’ in Infuse > Settings > Library

Doing this should allow Infuse to push all info from the Apple TV to iCloud, and then this info will be available on iOS/Mac when you reinstall the apps there.

I am extremely happy to report that this solved my problem!!! Thank you very much James and I hope that this information helps someone else to resolve this issue.


Awesome! :smiley:

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