Mac/ATV syncing still doesn't work with Infuse 7

I tried to edit playlists, metadata, etc on my Mac during the beta and was told to wait for the final version for that to work correctly and for my changes to sync to my ATV.

Now that the final version is out, I installed it, but I can’t get anything to sync still! I see a playlist I made during the beta on my Mac, but it doesn’t appear on the ATV, and none of the playlists from my ATV appear on my Mac.

It appears that my Mac and my ATV are working with separate sets of metadata, the Mac version having copied the metadata originally when I installed it. I have no idea how to fix it and it’s a giant drag.

You are signed into the same iCloud account on both devices and have iCloud drive enabled?

Yes I am and do.

So you have the App Store version of the Mac app? Or still running the beta?

And just to double check, you do have the app store version of Infuse 7 on the ATV?

I have the App Store version of the Mac app, I used AppCleaner to uninstall the beta and wiped its remaining files with EasyFind.

On the ATV I was automatically upgraded from Infuse 6 to Infuse 7.

I am really not keen to do anything that would wipe my metadata, as I have a huge library and I’ve already had to wipe it once due to problems with this app and it took me weeks to get it back into a useable state.

@james please help!

A few things to check here…

  1. Using the same iCloud ID on all devices (iOS Settings > Profile > iCloud)
  2. iCloud Drive is enabled on iOS/Apple TV
  3. There is some free space available in iCloud
  4. iCloud Drive is enabled on Mac, and a checkbox is next to Infuse (you might see 2 icons if you had the betas installed)

Yes to all.

Based on the forums it looks like this is a widespread problem. I am tempted to try deleting my iCloud data for Infuse but I am afraid that will also wipe my metadata. Maybe I just need to wait for a bugfix?

What about iPhone or iPad version? Could you try and see if that syncs with either one?

This is a shot in the dark, are you by any chance still running the beta version of the Mac version or did you delete the beta and download the app store version of Infuse for mac and let it restore from iCloud before you started adding the playlists?

NC Bullseye: As stated above, I wiped the beta using AppCleaner and downloaded the final version from the App Store. I also tried wiping the final version with AppCleaner and reinstalling, and I even tried deleting my user account, making a new one, and reinstalling the final version. Each time I used EasyFind to delete the files left behind by installations.

munpip214: I don’t have access to a device to try this with. I will try to track one down.

I just wanted to make sure I understood that you had deleted it. I thought you had but wanted to verify since the betas could possibly cause a simalar issue.

When you installed the app store version, did you just launch the app and let it do all of the syncing or did you add shares? It should grab all of your info from iCloud and you shouldn’t have to add shares.

Again, just trying to go through the steps to make sure I understand.

Can you double-check the version of Infuse you are using on all devices…just to be sure we’re not missing something there.

  • macOS - Select About Infuse from the Infuse item in the menu bar
  • iOS/tvOS - Scroll to the bottom of Infuse > Settings

James: Infuse 7.0.3582 for Mac. Infuse Pro 7.0.1 (3612) on ATV.

NC_Bullseye: I just launched the Mac app and let it download my info from iCloud. I did not add shares manually.

FYI, it looks like you are running 7.0 on macOS.

I’d recommend downloading 7.0.1 from the App Store.

When 7.0.1 is installed the macOS version will be: 7.0.3612

Just updated to 7.0.1 (7.0.3612). No improvement, same problems.

Would you mind sending in a report from both devices, and posting the 5 digit codes here?

Apple TV: Settings > Submit Diagnostics

Mac: Preferences > Email Us

The codes:

Mac: 72H0W

Thanks for your continued help with this James, it’s rare that a developer engages this closely with users.

Do you also have an iOS device? Does syncing work there with either the Apple TV/Mac?

Are you using multiple users on the Apple TV? One thing to keep in mind is that iCloud Sync will only work with the main (Default) user. This is the iCloud ID Infuse will use to sync with other devices, and if you happen to have your Mac’s iCloud user set up as a secondary user on Apple TV you won’t be able to sync.