MAC Address for WOL Syncing Across devices?

Hi all, been a while since I’ve been back here, I guess since my library doesnt keep wiping itself out :slight_smile:

The scenario is that yesterday I upgraded the NIC in my NAS to 2.5Gbit but rather than giving my NAS a new IP and then worrying about putting that everywhere I just released the existing IP and statically mapped it to the new 2.5Gbit NIC MAC address, perfect, NAS has new 2.5Gbit and can be found at the same IP.

I went around my 3 Apple TV’s and updated the MAC address in advanced share settings so that the WOL feature works, updated all 3, tested all 3, all worked.

Then this morning all 3 ATV’s had an incorrect version of the MAC in advanced settings, I knew this because I went there to look straight away, it wasnt my old MAC, it was the new one but fomatted differently. Ill try explain how:

AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF (Correct)
AA::BC::C:D:DE:F:F (Something like that with two colons in some places)

As soon as I deleted the last character the MAC address snapped back into the right formatting with the colons in the right place just with the last character missing. This was the case across all my ATV’s and im so confused, there’s no way I entered it like that but how did it sync across all three?

Anyway after deleting the last character and entering the last character again and hitting save it doesnt seem to have happened today.

I am pondering if its something to do with my iPhone, dont know if anyone has noticed before that when trying to enter a MAC address into the iOS Infuse you are only prompted with a numpad so cant enter any letters, so you have to rely on copy and pasting it in, maybe this then synced across the ATV’s after I updated them earlier which I did first.

Anyone seen this before or have any thoughts?