(Mac 7.2.3874) MKV Default subtitle track selection

These two threads imply that Infuse already supports this and has for some time:

But if that is the case, I don’t know how to make it work. The subtitles setting in Infuse lets me select On/Forced Only/Off. None of these produced the desired outcome which is:

If I have an MKV file with various subtitle tracks, none of which are marked as default, there should be no subtitle track selected, regardless of languages.

If I have an MKV file with various subtitle tracks, and there is a default, it should be the selected track, regardless of languages.

Pretty much every other video player like VLC, MPV, MPC, behave by default in the manner I described above. Is there a way to have this behavior in Infuse?

Unfortunately, this isn’t a use case which is supported right now.

The default tag can be used to prioritize subtile selection, but if no default tag is present then the language or track order will be used in determining which subtitles to use. This is consistent with the MKV specifications.

The “default track” flag is a hint for a Matroska Player indicating that a given track SHOULD be eligible to be automatically selected as the default track for a given language. If no tracks in a given language have the default track flag set, then all tracks in that language are eligible for automatic selection. This can be used to indicate that a track provides “regular service” suitable for users with default settings, as opposed to specialized services, such as commentary, hearing-impaired captions, or descriptive audio.

If you’re videos contain subtitles in multiple languages you can fine tune the selection by choosing a specific language in Settings > Language.

If you generally don’t want to use subtitles, then you might consider setting the Subtitles option in Settings to Off and then enabling as needed on a video-by-video basis.

For media made with an English-speaking audience in mind, most files with a non-English audio track that have subtitle tracks will have some subtitle track marked as default. For example if I’m going to do an encode of a foreign film or an anime, I’m going to set an English subtitle track as default. However, most files with a default English audio track have no default marked subtitle track if they’re encoded with an English-speaking audience in mind because it’s unnecessary to default to subtitles matching the spoken language.

As I mentioned before, many other video players all behave the way I outlined in my original post, where if there is no default track then they simply select nothing even if there are other subtitle tracks. This covers the above situation very well, and obviously you could replace “English” with whatever someone’s primary language is, watching content both in that language and not in that language, only needing subtitles for the latter.

However, if that’s actually not correct as per MKV spec then it’s not really something I can assert that Infuse should definitely support regardless of how many other players do.

That being said, I do think it is a valid user-facing use case so it could be something Infuse could add as an option for the subtitle setting, expanding it to On/Default/Forced/Off.

I suppose that’s an enhancement request then. Appreciate the MKV spec link as well.