(Mac 7.2.3874) Infuse keeps attempting to connect to inaccessible share

I have some NAS units at my home which contain most of my media. Despite turning off every library-related setting for Infuse, I find that when I take my laptop away from home, having Infuse open causes my Mac to constantly receive “There was a problem connecting to the server” dialogs. While this is a system dialog, it only happens when Infuse is running so I believe it is generated in response to Infuse trying and failing to read files using some system APIs.

How can I stop Infuse from trying to access these shares? I have absolutely nothing in the “Files” or “Library” tabs in Infuse. However, I have noticed that when this starts happening, the “Home” tab switches to displaying “Processing your files” despite my not having any files in the library for it to process.

The only way I’ve found to fix it is to uninstall the app through the App Store, reinstall it, disable internet so I can launch it and turn off all the library/sync/iCloud settings again. Once I do this, the “Home” tab remains showing “Welcome to Infuse” and the dialogs stop.

But this has the unfortunate side-effect of clearing the cache of my preferences for what subtitle track to choose for files, which is a problem since Infuse doesn’t seem to support using the default subtitle track for files the same way MPV/VLC/etc does and so I have to select the right subtitles for every single video file once again.