.M4V not playing from Time Capsule or NAS

Infuse Pro on New Apple TV .M4V not playing from Time Capsule or NAS. Does it not play videos that are iTunes encoded? My other files will play like normal, but all the files downloaded by iTunes do not work.

I am not near my ATV4 to check, but I think that the App Store description says that DRM protected Movies and TV Shows purchased from ITunes will not play.

You might be able to play them via iTunes Home Sharing?

I’m trying to avoid having to have a computer running.

Dang it, yeah it does. at the very bottom… well I guess this won’t work for me, unless I go get a bunch of pirated media from a friend. So much for trying to do it right and buy everything.

I have no idea if the there is a technical reason this has not been implemented or whether it is something that FireCore might implement in the future. Certainly worth asking the question.

I’ll just have to set up my wife’s computer for home sharing and hope she remembers to keep it on the charger, thanks for your help! We’ll see if this comes out in a future update!