M4V metadata issue

I am having issues with Infuse and metadata with M4V files. As an example, I have most of the show Seinfeld up on my Google Drive, which is linked to Infuse. (copied them myself using Handbreak from DVDs) Even though I have Metadata Fetching enabled, it still seems to treat all the individual episodes as movies and not fetch any metadata. Naming convention/file structure is Infuse>Television>Seinfeld>Season X>Seinfeld.SxxExx.m4v

I saw a post on here with a similar issue, saying that for some reason Infuse is looking at the metadata that is automatically embedded when the M4V was created. Any ideas how to solve this aside from stripping metadata from the M4Vs and re-uploading?


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Is this affecting all your series, or just a few? Do you have one episode per file, or does each video contain multiple episodes?

Can you try using the Edit metadata option (located under the 3 dots menu on the video details page) and see if you are able to manually search for the correct series?

So far I just have three series on Infuse, the other two are a mix of MKV and AVI, and metadata is working fine for those. They show up as TV shows and all of the info is correct.

This series I have each individual episode as its own file, and when I go to search for the correct metadata it seems to only be showing Movies in the list (i.e a Seinfeld standup specials, Seinfeld Documentaries ect), it is not showing me any TV series.

Can you check to see if the ‘Embedded Metadata’ option is enabled in settings?

If it’s on, try turning it off to see if this helps.

Toggled that switch on and off again, and did some renaming to make sure every file is “ShowName - SxxExx.m4v” and it looks like its now scraping them correctly. Thanks !

Great! :smiley:

Glad you’re back on track.

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