M4V Metadata Fetching is un-necessary. The tags are usually in the file.

All of my .M4V Movies and TV Shows are tagged including artwork. I would guess most people tag their media files if they use iTunes and the Apple TV2. Why not allow an option to use the tags (including artwork) that we have all spent a lot of time and effort getting just right, instead of fetching the data off of the internet, which seems hit and miss. The data and artwork reside in the file. Just use it. Is this hard to do? It would make your product perfect. Thanks

This feature is planned for an upcoming version.

Hang in there. :)

This is excellent news and can’t wait for the option to “disable” the fetching. I use MexaX to add the missing info once I’ve finished converting with Handbrake.


I use iDentify to tag all my .m4v files.  I have put lots of time in it!  I even manually added the chapter titles for 10 Seasons of The Simpsons!   :P:)

Thanks for the tip. Will have to check out iDentify. :)

How’s the progress on this one?

I like the latest release (RC1), but I still hope for embedded metadata support.  :)  I bet the grid view would load a lot faster without all that fetching going on.   :wink:

+1,000,000 to pulling embedded art from an .m4v file :slight_smile: - this is the last missing feature keeping me from switching to using Media Player over the built-in/default ‘Computer’ functionality to a remote iTunes.