m4v Issues In Nito TV?

Hey Guys,
Im really new here and have just purchased ATV Flash. Set everything up no problem, set up my NAS so it can be seen by Nito TV (had some issues here…) and now when I go to play a m4v file created via hadnbrake from a DVD I have some stuttering and terrible macroblocking. When I play the same file via my Moxi DVR or my PS3 it seems to play MUCH better. Any idea why I would have this behavior only on my apple tv? Everything I am using is hardwired on a gigabit network so bandwidth should be of no issue (especially since these handbrake files have a 3000KBps avg rate). I am passing the AC3 soundtrack that is embedded in the files to my receiver and that is the only thing different from my DVR’s or PS3 streaming these files. Any ideas what could cause such poor playback? When I play a ripped DVD from the same server I seem to have no issues. Could it be the way I encoded my movies with handbrake?

You may try toggling the ‘Apple H.264’ option located in the Maintenance --> Settings menu.

I have that option on. The file plays, it is just very blocky and stutters sometimes. Looks tons beetter on every other device I play it on including my iMac. I wonder if it is some option I have on when I encoded the files.

Disabling it will improve the playback of many H.264 video files.

Having the same issue and tried this suggestion with no change. Still get stuttery video playback from movies viewed off my computer through nito

I still have no solution for this. I am not wanting to reencode my 350 or so movies just to leverage the apple tv. My MOXI DVR, PS3, computers all play these files from my media server flawlessly. Only the Apple TV has issues. Maybe I should have picked up the Max Mini and ran front row through that? May have had better results maybe…