M4V in native Apple-player

Hi there,


I’ve just discoverede Requiem (wll - not just now but now is when I get it working with my Windows/iTunes-installation). So I have stripped my iTunes purchased movies (no more DRM thank you very much), and now I want to put 'em back to my Apple TV. I just realised that some of the movies hasn’t been synced to my Apple TV. And then I started wondering if it was possible to transfer them to /mnt/Media/Purchased Files/ using winscp (of course its possible to transfer them but to use them with Apple TVs native player). And so I did. And as expected it doesn’t seems to work. At least not the playback. I get the movie info showing, although the cover art is not there. When I hit play, it says that no content was found.

So my question is: is it possible to add movies to the native Apple TV-player if just file format is m4v? Are there and exceptions and grey zones I should know of before starting to go down this road by testing…?


// peter,


Unfortunately not. The only way to get videos to appear in the normal Apple TV menus (Movies, TV Shows, etc…) is to sync or stream them through iTunes. Sorry.