M4V Files will no longer play

The M4V files on my apple time machine will no longer play. They pull all the correct metadata but when i hit play it acts if it were about to start playing and then i get a general playback error. Also the Movie image has a pause icon over it like it had been played then paused. AVI files work correctly though. I should mention that these are the Digital Copies downloaded through itunes then moved to the time machine.

Have these ever played via Media Player?    I would expect files downloaded via iTunes to be DRM protected and currently Media Player cannot handle such files.

You be able to play such files via the “Computers” section of the ATV2 to connect to iTunes running on a PC/Mac as then the DRM is handled at the PC/Mac end.   The downside is that you have to have the machine running iTunes switched on.

At one time they did play just fine. They are not the only ones experiencing the issue, even movies that I ripped to M4V using handbrake seem to be experiencing the issue. I do have XMBC installed as well and I do not know if it is causing any issues since it is still not officially supported in the latest relase. Another odd issue is that I experience is if I try to change my time capsule sharing preferences to accounts instead of device password the media player is no longer able to access it even though I have double and triple checked the account works using finder on my Mac. I realize the issues are un related but I thought I would vent about not being able to somewhat use an acl to control what the apple tv sees. Maybe time to give up on time capsule and go back to freeNAS :slight_smile: