m4v files playback odd?

I have a bunch of dvd rips thru handbrake that look great on my desktop or laptop, but when I play them over atvflash they all play like this.

Looks great, the slowly like over ten seconds gets a little brighter and bit-mappy then it clicks back to looking great. the cycle seems to take about 15-20 seconds, it is not exactly consistent, but it last throughout the entire film. Never loses sync of gets choppy, just this odd getting brighter and jaggedy looking, then snap, it goes back to looking great.

I think it only happens with m4v files and I was wondering if there are some settings I can adjust somewhere to try and get them to playback smoothly on my ATV?



You can try toggling the ‘Apple H.264’ option in the Maintenance > Settings menu.

Thanks, I will give it a try, but I also noticed that this issue does not appear if I watch mp4’s through Boxee? Which is great, but I love the convenience of using either the “files” menu or NitoTV.

Any thoughts on why Boxee would not display the same issue?


I disabled the H264 setting and my mp4 files play gorgeously! Thanks!!


I think, I post this in this Topic, because I have a similar problem.

True, the H.264 decoder gave me problems as well.
At certain times, especially when a scene fades in or out, the picture was “tiled”,
and then it jumps back to normal again

I disabled the H.264, and the problem was solved.

Now an other problem occured. With the H.264 the movie plays much smoother.
With H.264 turned of, it is a lot less smooth.

(720p file created with Handbrake)

Thanks, Marc

Thank you. Disabling the H264 made MP4 videos work for me too.